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Welcome to the ADLYEA Learning Center
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Digital to Traditional Art learning

My Vision:

Welcome to Adlyea Learning Center

  My name is Rachel Naber-Thomas.

  I am an Art Teacher, Photographer, and Designer. I have have been an art educator for over 17 years. My intention with ADLYEA Learning Center is to create, educate, and collaborate with clients and the community. I am offering private lessons, small group workshops, and team-building experiences. I also believe in contributing to the local community by being a resource for artistic growth, an outlet for stress, and business willing to be involved in social entrepreneurship.

  As an experienced Art Educator and designer, I will help you tap into the human need to make stuff, learn, and grow. I will help you reflect your personal creative potential using a variety of tools and mediums. I can create experiences for individuals or groups using photography, computer art, printing, drawing, painting, crafts, and fiber art.

  As human beings, we all like to make tangible items that are both beautiful and useful, but somewhere along the way we dismiss our creativity and forget how fun it can be to engage our imagination. At Hands-on Art Lab, you will craft creative products that change your mind. I will create a safe, comfortable space for you to take creative risks, collaborate with other clients, and discover your own creative impulses. You will walk away with tangible items that will reflect this creative exploration, learning process, and fun social interaction. You will expand your definition of what it means to be creative, learn new skills, and become part of a collective art community.

   I am located in Southern Maryland and willing to travel for individual and small group experiences. Please, use the contact form on the website if you have any questions or would like to schedule a lesson or a workshop.